When the introduction of innovative talents for the long-term strategic thinking
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Merit Award for the first southern Guangdong, southern G uangdong Innovation Awards has been launched, the winner will receive 30 million yuan and 500 million in incentives, and bonuses exempt from personal income tax.

Rewarded for talent, and Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, has long adhered to a work of thinking, but the rewards to define the object, as Guangdong's economic and social development and building an innovative and outstanding contributions in Guangdong groups and individuals, and were shown this has risen as a long-term strategic level.

Talent to change the world has become the consensus of mankind. Negative people with vision and innovative spirit has always been to create events and to create a world leader and leadership to the cause of human society, every breakthrough, their influence can be found. This master of the people, to human thought and knowledge into new areas continue to make more civilized human culture, can stimulate social equity and efficiency, thereby creating a more humane social governance and social life.

Rewarded their creative talents in Guangdong is also intended for the global introduction of master personnel. There is a saying called, where the master and culture are; Masters where advanced technologies are; master where the center of the world to where it is. Dongguan to achieve the dual objectives of restructuring, the process of development appears to resolve the many conflicts and new social and cultural issues, we need a large number of innovative solutions, we need a lot of innovative thinking in all kinds of talent. No breakthrough in technology and culture, there is no long-term Dongguan, balanced sustainable development, and to this point, Dongguan has a very clear understanding of up and down. But it is undeniable that the lack of high-level creative talent, talent is not strong innovation and entrepreneurship and so on until today troubled departments at all levels of Dongguan, Dongguan, part of the cause of delay was a big breakthrough in large-scale development.

The next few years, Dongguan City, the development of human resources of important strategic opportunities, but also in Dongguan City, the challenges of economic and social development, and actively respond to the increasingly fierce international and domestic competition for talent, talent, Dongguan want to change the world this concept, identified as Dongguan long-term strategic thinking and talent to make early preparations to make early arrangements. Especially in the high-end talent to lead, we should explore new ideas, emancipate the mind.

First, we must dare to face the global configuration for the creative talents of Dongguan, the formation of introduction of talents, training and use of vivid and vigorous development of the situation, and promote innovation in Dongguan have "everybody"; the second is formed around the talent to sing opera in the service culture and service mechanism, to the personnel configured with sufficient resources. Bill Gates the year to benefit from the lucrative business of social services in California culture, and no venture capital support, Microsoft and Bill Gates, Bill Gates probably a lifetime to get out of the old garage, the old Bill Gates himself would not be a be the boss's son. Microsoft's business culture and the miracle is the outcome of commercial innovation; Third, to use mainly to move the project only. A mule is a horse, first pull out yo. Dongguan to determine the number of the next century, the future development of Dongguan has breakthrough technology, social and cultural projects, solutions to the global collection. With innovative ideas to the introduction of innovative talent, through the work of innovative talents to advance the process of scientific development in Dongguan, Dongguan, this should be the future development of the main line.