Job Required: Recruitment will continue to peak in late October
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As for the upcoming New Year and Christmas orders peak reserve personnel, advanced manufacturing in Dongguan in the talent market has always been that there are "ten golden nine silver," one said. However, the reporter in a row from the end of the holiday to visit a number of large job market found in Dongguan, Dongguan, the job market this year, "Golden September" does not seem to occur as scheduled in September, the number of jobs has also increased recruitment, but floating is not compared with the previous large number of job fairs provide a more significant reduction than in previous years.
However, the industry believes that, although September is not a good situation, but estimates may still appear in mid to late 10, a small peak before the recruitment market.
This year's "Golden September" a little cold
Dongguan Service Centre Meeting On Human Resources in early September showed business registration jobs, the single market will provide the recruitment of over 11,000 jobs, but job seekers are only 4,000 people, more than half of the employment gap. Meeting On manpower according to statistics, the technology needs of post professionals a greater year on year increase in the recruitment chain business rose 10%, recruitment increased by 14% the number of posts, especially the general public demand for craft jobs increased 27% category. All sectors of technology, master craftsmen, engineers, job categories in greater demand, particularly in electronics, machinery, tooling, plastics, clothing and other industries are more prominent.
The largest market for services provided Houjie data is also more similar to the recent talent demand and supply, compared with August improve the speed is not fast, enterprise admission rose 8%, the number of personnel increased by about 13%.
Department of Human Resources Service Center related security official told reporters that, in previous years, the first of April is the peak recruiting, job fairs, there will be a field of nearly 400 companies admitted to the July and August will be reduced to 300 or so. And enter the "golden nine silver ten", there will be nearly 500 companies competing approach the peak, but in September this year, this spectacular event did not occur.
Demand and supply of professionals or a small peak appears
Houjie big market labor center director of marketing, said Huang Jing, before the financial crisis, foreign customers at the end of the manufacturing sector will be under orders early, large volume, so only the city of "gold nine silver ten" will be very obvious, But over the past two years, under the orders of customers in Europe and America have not so readily, and postpone the peak recruitment is not surprising.
Huang also said Beijing, Dongguan City in September until the end of first half performance was better than expected job market in October to expand both supply and demand trends will continue.
Senior Manager Cai Xiaomei Zhitong Talent takes a similar view, Dongguan, she predicted in late October may be ushered in only a small peak in the recruitment market.
"October is the first month of the fourth quarter, companies usually early in the quarter, the situation according to their own talents to add. And, after a 'golden nine' flow of talent, many companies will have the relevant staff turnover, so companies will seize the Recruitment after long holiday, there are plans to stockpile talent. "Cai Xiaomei said," orders the end of the business about to usher in the season, so the employment situation in October, there will usually rebound may occur when supply and demand of professionals in the small peak. "
What types of jobs are most popular?
Since the "Silver Ten" than the "Golden September" is more worth the wait, then for job seekers, which posts the most popular in October it?
Cai Xiaomei that, after a round of holiday sales peak, the corresponding increase in corporate financial accounts, plus accounts of companies need to summarize the third quarter, inventory and other factors, accounting talent shortage will occur. In addition, some enterprises in order to ensure the successful completion of orders this year, in time period for Ji Zhao line workers, and frontline workers may have a small salary increase.
Jing Huang believes that the current demand for talent is still ranked in the top mechanic, general workers, and showing the recent trend of rapidly widening, "This is the fourth quarter, many continue to arrive on holiday abroad, ushered in the mass manufacturing orders will lead to significantly increased demand for production line workers. "
Zhitong data provided by talent network, this year's "Golden September" online online job seekers increased by 10% year on year, with 3 to 5 years experience quit a maximum, accounting for 36.92%. Personnel Employment intentions are concentrated in clerical, secretarial, accounting, auditing, procurement division, logistics specialist, sales management, sales representatives and electronic engineers and technology developers.