Li Keqiang visited the talent market in Dongguan
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Hu Jintao, Vice Premier Li Keqiang 7 in Shenzhen for Second West-East East project started after the ceremony, visited 8 to Dongguan, Dongguan City, the largest talent market Zhitong talent market and U.S. companies Tyco Electronics Limited companies understand the financial crisis situation in Dongguan employment and business situation.

It is understood that at 9:40 on the 8th or so, Li and his party into the job market in Dongguan Zhitong, Li Keqiang and recruitment site and job seekers have done business representatives to exchange, understand the employment situation, stay about 30 minutes. Reporters on the scene saw the talent market, the talent market hall and the outside was crowded with thousands of job seekers placed among a number of plainclothes and uniformed police special police, journalists can not enter the interview.

Later, Li went to the town as the Cha Taike Houjie Electronics (Dongguan) Limited. U.S. company Tyco Electronics is the world's top 500 enterprises, it is learned, Tyco Electronics has little effect by the financial tsunami last year, with annual sales of 1 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of two percent.