Dongguan Talent Demand: May stabilized June rise
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Into May and June, a large number of enterprises in Dongguan as domestic sales, the success of transition, a smooth recovery in order to begin a large-scale recruitment, job market ushered in the "late peak."

Municipal Labor Bureau said the city of a quarter of the opening rate of the labor market is only 0.75, "This is the first time in years, Dongguan opening rate dropped below 1." But to enter in April, the labor market to pick up, opening rate of return to a more final data fixed in 1.13. May, opening rate rose to 1.38, and by June, the demand for talent is very obvious signs of anti-l.

Experts pointed out that the talent market, the current employment needs of the enterprise is not only a temporary fill into, but the return of a planned recruitment.

Market: usher in the "late peak"

Zhitong talent market last Wednesday, more than 5,000 candidates competing for more than 400 employers approach provides nearly 3,000 jobs.

In this job fair, the new Wando Liu Xiangyang, and others who apparently experienced candidates to be much smoother than in March. March, the Liu Xiangyang, and fellow submerged in the crowd to find a job, watching a handful of jobs at the fair, and rolling to find a job, "army" half cold heart. "It was not only less work, and we able sewing, welding and other technologies like live is more difficult to find." Liu Xiangyang said the difference is that the day he came to less than 2 hours the talent market, both he and six fellow have been given the afternoon for an interview.

Since last November, the financial crisis sweeping the Dongguan enterprises under the orders shrank, demand for talent there for several months of negative growth. February and March each year had "routine" the emergence of recruitment peaks, May and June of this year to come.

During May and June of this year, orders rose steadily as the Dongguan enterprises, accelerate the development and implementation of business plans to increase employment. Signs of economic recovery through the employment needs of the enterprise, from the talent market, "rosy," the entry of data shown.

City, Hui-Ping, Deputy Secretary of Labor, said the beginning of this year in May, the city's human resources demand has stabilized, and by June, the demand for talent has been obvious signs of anti-l, which is especially strong demand for general workers.

Enterprise: increase in orders do not hesitate to recruit people

New Island Printing Co., Ltd. of Dongguan last Saturday's "Third Dongguan-Shenzhen Exchange of Professionals," launched a total of 16 positions, number of recruits nearly 30 people. The company admitted that human head, is now out of business in the first quarter of this year's recruitment hesitant attitude, to attract the reserve personnel as the primary objective of the current enterprise, "orders as the business conditions improve, we will be more involved recruitment, time to add all kinds of talent. "

Wei plans new electronics factory in charge of human resources has recently been busy time for Mr. Chen various job fairs, job advertisements posted in the factory door, two months is not torn off. The employment needs of the enterprise more urgently now, not only Baochibaozhu workers to meet the requirements, and with to with the use. Exhibition of the enterprise board in the recruitment and employment status for the 20 people identified, but the actual number is far greater than the job numbers, "the increase in order to develop number of recruits we can not predict."

In recent days more than the reporter visited the recruitment will find that many of these business enterprises are reflected in similar problems. Back in March, these companies have started brewing enrollment to make up for last year's crisis, or layoffs, or employee turnover caused by the shortage of manpower. However, due to the order to get most enterprises is not stable, the enterprise plans to increase staff has been in a wait state. Into May or June, after the employment needs of pent finally released, enterprise and employment also swept away the embarrassment of her mind.