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Profess day makes years 7 hours enter 80 thousand beyond, one person can submit an expense account family expenses for medicine.

"Year income 80 thousand multivariate, day all works 6 half hours. " eve, profess the city zone of Fosan city buddhist the netizen of some mechanism officeholder " gibberish one basket " , bask in on rich guest 2007 income, cause netizen of countrywide each district to follow post discuss, more netizen of and other places of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou basks in income " bottle rich " .

Besides more than yuan 80 thousand schedule of collection, still listed in this piece of card officeholder the pay of the respect such as off, medical treatment, housing, and oneself attributive for medium income range. Jiang Lurong of vice-chairman of association of resource of city labor power expresses, fosan is general one year income adds official should short of 80 thousand yuan.

[Leak is small expose] submitted an expense account twice last year domestic person expenses for medicine

"Strong finish school works in a factory, to Fosan enterprise of a civilian battalion holds the position of technician later, now is the city zone of Fosan city buddhist some mechanism officeholder. " netizen " gibberish one basket " publish " the wage income that shows official solely -- , a common official of Guangdong Fosan city income of a year " , be recommended very quickly by the website home page is read. The reporter examines discovery of rich customer files, this netizen did not remain connection way, have a piece of individual picture only, showing is male of a youth.

"Gibberish one basket " in saying oneself income to be only in Fosan officeholder, wait, he listed in detail not only last year gross income, still introduced in some detail " work and rest and off " , " medical treatment " , " housing " the pay that waits for a respect. His citing says, his colleague retired last year, get 3500 yuan of pay every months, add other, make an appointment with 4000 yuan every months. "Execute a money to divide a room now, receive subsidy of 500 yuan of housing every months, annual with 10% increase by degrees, get 15 years in all, OK also one-time application takes allowance of 7 years to make an appointment with 30 thousand yuan, next the rest of get every months 8 years minute. "

Surprising is, he still revealed a flaw that officeholder medical expenses submits an expense account in the card. He says, the employee under 20 years of length of service, average outpatient service submits an expense account 80% , he saw a doctor last year spent about 1500 yuan, submitted an expense account 1200 yuan. "I discover mechanism medical treatment submits an expense account the hole with system very large presence, a lot of people in the unit the family member see a doctor bill is taken submit an expense account. " he discloses, when wanting to see a doctor only, keep the name into oneself to go, "A lot of colleagues submit an expense account every months 559 yuan expenses for medicine " , and he " belong to simple minded a kind " , "Signed up for the expenses for medicine of family twice only " . He still says medical treatment insurance, society is sure to wait to also be put in such flaw.
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