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Report a report according to Hong Kong article, all along drop searchs for website thumb Google greatly to innovate again action, announce below the banner 9000 employee can pass through arsis of a net to sell terrace, the Google share that sells a hand go up period authority, employee not only OK and clear know how many oneself have " body home " , more can with relatively the price with high market price sells period right, google element says with taking employee seriously to see, this innovation method believes to aim to induct with tarry talent.

Many big companies can provide to employee the period authority of the company, employee can purchase a share with fixed price inside certain period, the price is the market price of the stock when they obtain hair period to counterpoise commonly, reason wants share price to rise after they win period right only, they can purchase a share with the price under the market, again undersell earns price difference.

It is with Google exemple, the price of every raise capital by floating shares two years ago is the company 85 dollars (about 660 HK dollar) , stock Zhou Er receives market price to be 481.78 dollars in what Na Sida overcomes, every most interest earns the staff that wins period right in those days 396.78 dollars.

Covert group fund experience 6.6 million

Google announces, the company entrusts the United States to invest a bank Magenshidanli opens arsis of a private network to sell terrace, 9000 employee removed what can pass through platform general company in April by next year period authority carry out grants financial orgnaization, because these orgnaizations forecast the share price of Google to will grow continuously, friend can leave piece relatively the price with high market price buys stock period to counterpoise, google this action coverts send money to give employee, reckon involved period right amounts to 6.6 million.

Official of husband of basil of manager of business of Google negotiable securities says ∶ " we follow other company in the problem of period authority respect same, employee is not clear that he has the value of period authority, we let them how much know to someone else is willing to bid, the period power that helps them understand hold is costly. "

Analytic makings nondestructive company market prise

This is to first American big look forward to sets the auction on the net to let employee sell period right, the practice of big favor Google has investment group originality, huo Er of professor of department of government of business of haing Buddha college says ∶ " this is a very good idea, other company also can follow. "

Fall in new mechanism nevertheless, the period authority term that already offerred will fall automatically for two years. Predicting this action expects those who reduce Google next year profit, however wall street analyst thinks the market prise impact to the company is not big.

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