Compensation promotes the fastest trade
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"The way of to apply for a job is hard " it is a lot of to apply for a job person plaint. Increasing while oneself contains Troy, also want to understand manpower market level, choose a good profession for oneself. 6 years, what profession is relatively popular?

Their professional foreground how?

Software engineer: Level of polarization firewood fulfil: Yearly salary 60 thousand, foreground of 150 thousand yuan of professions: The evergreen tree in serving as duty field -- software engineer will still be 2006 the heat on ability city. According to expert analysis, below the rapid development of this industry, this kind of talent will show polarization trend, and high-end software engineer and compound model the talent was 2006 the cosset in duty field.

The system is compositive engineer: Take level of high pay fulfil all the way: Yearly salary 80 thousand, foreground of 200 thousand yuan of professions: What build as our country informatization is thorough, the demand of compositive to the system service rises the user ceaselessly, build the application that is based on an industry from first network, arrive again politic to business flow and resource advisory service, the demand is more and more overall. But systematic collect adult just is the soft costal region on IT talent catenary all the time. So, prospective system is compositive the engineer should be the profession that goes tall all the way.

Financing / capital runs: Experience is level of capital firewood fulfil: Talent of banking of this kind of high end belongs to duty field gold to get gens, monthly pay is little criterion 6000 yuan, many 30000 yuan differ.

Professional foreground: Financing work experience is the obtain employment capital of this kind of talent, have experience of work of transnational corporation financing to be familiar with the financing business of large finance orgnaization especially, the practitioner that has management of more powerful group and capacity of foreign language communication is more spruce medium spruce.

Insurance handler: Rise the space is larger firewood fulfil level: Have certain client group insurance handler, average yearly salary 2289 yuan.

Professional foreground: Perfectness each danger is planted, this kind of talented person that has the knowledge such as law, finance, finance affairs still has in the duty field 2006 bigger rise space.

In / Western medicine division: Demand stabilizes firewood fulfil level: Yearly salary 60 thousand, 150 thousand yuan.

Professional foreground: The development impetus of medical domain is very prosperous. Spend to the attention of health and health care as people taller and taller, the demand of this kind of talent is stabilized all the year round.

Biology pharmacy: Level of fulfil of demand big firewood: The field that covers as a result of medical engineer is more, the record of formal schooling of the circumstance of unit of choose and employ persons and everybody, ability has different, so compensation of this one occupational has very big flexibility, monthly pay of average college graduate is controlled in 3000 yuan.
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