Flexibility has a holiday to make the weak is lost possibly rest authority
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Discuss the focal topic that is this two meetings all the time about what how have a holiday, have committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference first after the New Year's Eve of cosignatory draft resolution has a holiday, there is countrywide National People's Congress to cancel to grow a holiday on behalf of the proposal again after, the regulation is executed have firewood adjustment winter vacation, use winter vacation having salary by laborer the accident with proper motion off adjustment, alleviated already golden week concentration is off brought jam, the choice space that also gave laborer freedom to lie fallow -- have firewood adjustment winter vacation, the area that often says namely actually firewood is off make. Be aimed at the crowded problem that golden week system causes, the expert appeals legal cent holiday makes the golden week that reforms tigidity all the time, execute to have a holiday stretchly system, a year in only legal 10 days of holiday make people free control.

Look rationally, take the stretch system with off firewood to center off golden week science than letting ten people really a lot of: Concentration is off, bring a tourist attraction to gather together necessarily, the resource jam such as traffic jam is contradictory, and the free option that rigid arrangement also limitted worker, what people can unite him arrangement according to the golden week only is recreational -- flexibility has a holiday the system respected free choice already, shu solved golden week person to be the public problem that have completely, enhanced recreational welfare of the public greatly.

This flexibility and have a holiday rigidly to be used in western country quite logically the likelihood is very applicable, can use in China washed-up: Having a holiday rigidly below the system, although the recreational welfare of average worker suffers because of resource jam and choice be restricted and greatly shrink, but at least can be relied on " rigid system " true fact of be sure to enjoys a few period of leave, although lie fallow,low, quality needs the level also is everybody stands fairly. And if be flexibility has a holiday,make, in worker right the reality of weak force falls, "Flexibility has a holiday " be changed very easily to be secretly by a few strong companies " do not have a holiday " , what the freedom of the labor in flexibility chooses those representing capital of melt into of very easy different is absolutely and star-chamber, at that time, a lot of laborer have a holiday even tigidity make next low-level off welfare be not enjoyed.

Tigidity has a holiday make next everybody unite have a holiday, the off authority of laborer is a kind of powerful collective right, the force that still including keep under control of governmental interest usage " force " the enterprise has a holiday. And holiday is put in flexibility, laborer was changed by disperse, flexibility has a holiday the free option that can become worker, the ability of rich play chess of the worker that treats a certain unit and those representing capital -- overmatch can because flexibility is off and acquire free option, and the weak will be lost rest authority.
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