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10 years ago, when Liu Qingfeng just stepped into Chinese division big radio to fasten study, he is dreaming oneself can become egghead one day, after he did not think of 10 years absolutely, only he 26 years old has owned the about a hundred property of 10 thousand, became support knowledge to obtain money " know a distant relative with the same family name " . On November 11, 1999, the asset of a huge sum of individual of translate into of wisdom first time -- -- because 6 undergraduates of university of Chinese science and technology develop successful our country the first " can listen can say " Chinese computer, win six million six hundred and eighty-eight thousand five hundred yuan technical equity award, to be called " the undergraduate does poineering work year " brushed 1999 went up the exclamation mark of a dense; It is important to also be China to be won in domain of technology of international man-machine interaction at the same time one banquet. Henceforth, want to be able to say Chinese only, can special control with speech conveniently computer and have a good swim Internet.

Because Liu Qingfeng of 2 grade doctoral student makes multinomial and crucial technology innovate in this research, advance technology of Chinese speech synthesis to functional standard level first, contribution is highlighted particularly, obtain an individual highest equity award, be hired to be new the general manager of limited company of science and technology of flying information of big question of the division in the Anhui that hold water.

Not long ago, the reporter hurries to Hefei on a special trip, he was interviewed in Liu Qingfeng's office.

Write down: This year the beginning of the year, ministry of Education rolled out a new policy: Undergraduate, graduate student is OK keep one's name on the books of suspend one's schooling establishs company of new and high technology. The undergraduate that how has look upon developed campus enclosure this are you of poineering tide?

Liu: From Bill·Gates arrives Yang Zhiyuan, suspend one's schooling enters the world them, their do poineering work history it is a myth to resembling for a lot of youths of China. Actually the angle from my individual, I hope to advocate an undergraduate not overly to do poineering work more. Because the undergraduate is lying,accumulate the period of oneself actual strength, what he needs more is harden oneself. Do poineering work regard as a task, the share that lets him enlist a company is run growing to his have profit. But basically put energy in do poineering work above not be a meddlesome affection absolutely. Should not encourage this kind of practice blindly.

Write down: Yourself is not the person that the success that a student does poineering work is carried out, why can you still do poineering work to the student so low-key?

Liu: The knowledge that has oneself of few number student accumulates the duration with be achieved certain, position of international forward position is in in a certain domain, and the idea of sex of the look up before having a lot of, at the same time he had better whole to hold ability again, such student can come out to do poineering work, but advocate them to abandon school work do poineering work energetically to still shoulding not be for common undergraduate.
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