Oppugn 21 years old of schoolgirls deputy total resume: Kui abandons article Li
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Vice-president of Asia of American enterprise TopCoder, , ace of process designing of patent of 3 more than 100 inventions, countries, computer, artistic strong point is crude, aureola of all all these is in 21 years old the girl -- Wu Ying is reflected centrally on jade-like stone body. Yesterday, a lot of netizens are right of this girl " the talent reports " express doubt. The reporter also contacted Wu Ying yesterday jade-like stone, she expresses to the reporter, the doubt on the net she has looked, and wrote manual of a circumstance, had given the school.

Netizen at 3 o'clock doubt

1 patent technology content is low

In Wu Ying jade-like stone in resume, the most conspicuous ought to be 3 patent. As a student, there are 3 patent letters in the hand, add evidence of a degree than card of a graduation undoubtedly, more conspicuous.

The netizen undertook investigating in website of bureau of national intellectual property, discover Wu Ying is grasped really in jade-like stone hand have patent. But, wu Ying jade-like stone alleged 3 patent, it is the practical and new-style design of lexical retrieval respect. According to patent description, the netizen points out Wu Ying jade-like stone patent technology content is low, be a kind " finite patent " , before obtaining patent authorization, this kind of design is in the market has had application on congener product.

Additional, this netizen still says, professional personage is evaluated, as a result of lack any markets trade value, although such patent obtains a country to register, technical content is very low, economic value is very little also.

2 academic honor can be bought

The netizen still points out, in Wu Ying jade-like stone among propagandist manuscript, he discovers Wu Ying jade-like stone it is American psychology academician, still be the member of American Association for Computing Machinery. The netizen puts forward, as we have learned, american psychology can be giant inattentive model organization, all over the world the member of this organization has 35000 much people, and British psychology learns ability 6000 people. Join this one organization what to procedure need after all? In APA (American psychology is met) can see on the website, want to pay the membership fee of 27 dollars only, any undergraduate can be joined. And American Association for Computing Machinery, also be one made money likewise, with respect to the social group that can acquire member qualification.

3 setting and record of formal schooling are confused

The netizen puts forward doubt was Wu Ying 3 o'clock jade-like stone record of formal schooling. On December 8 boreal Shi Daxin hears a news briefing to go up, wu Ying jade-like stone be called to was 2003 of enter a school big 4 students. Big the student of 4, be in new colorful in the press release that connect, be being said is the Master of Stanford university, in domestic conduct propaganda, say the psychological scholar that is Beijing Normal University again. Netizen doubt says, since Wu Ying jade-like stone was 2003 enter a school, now should be a student that did not graduate, the student did not rejoin through project, where is the baccalaureate that which come to? The graduate student that Stanford is reading, the master's degree that which come to?
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