Inferior health comes ahead of schedule duty field the Cenozoic Era
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From at the outset 2 feet became present 2 rule 8, just Xie Tao of 26 years old already more and more dissatisfactory oneself waistline. After graduating 2003, xie Tao all the time company of beverage of foreign capital of hold post Yu Mou -- thenceforth begins waistline is increased ceaselessly.

"Average every month has 10~15 day to want to work overtime, must drink everyday almost, often still be ' 3 kinds of plenary meeting ' (show liquor, red wine, beer is drunk together -- the reporter notes) . " fall in the actuating pressure of such high strenth, xie Tao's liver appeared problem, "The stomach is worse and worse also recently " , period of time is returned before often " phonism " .

When attending a college, xie Tao is school taekwondo the brunt of the team, everyday after 3 hours of training end, still can physical strength plays two hours again to the playground. "Do not have time at all now, can take exercise now and then 10 minutes calculate pretty good. "

"Early inferior healthy! " Xie Tao plaints aloud to the reporter. He in those days teammate Xiaohuang, in some country ministries and commissions works after graduation. Every time two people meet, get frequently whose abdomen big, waistline is thick, speak one time each other again next.

Not only it is them two, a when Chinese youth newspaper office can investigate a center to just be finished reader that let a newspaper is investigated (746 people are participated in) show, of 70% suffer the person that visit to think him at present lies inferior health, the average age of these people just passed 30 years old.

To health, world Health Organization is such definitions: On the body, the whole position that go up suits with the society on spirit, is not just mix without the disease frail. Inferior health is to point to be in a kind of between health and disease critical condition, it is one of the successive process between interpose Yu Jiankang and disease special phase. The reporter understands, inferior healthy typical symptom is Morpheus time decreases, Morpheus quality is very easy and not tall, fatigue, often catch a cold etc.

According to World Health Organization an investigation 2004 shows, the person with truly healthy whole world is occupied only 5% , the person that has 75% is in inferior health.

" Chinese youth signs up for " investigation shows, of 54.2% suffer the person that visit to think, the conclusion that healthy state of the Chinese defends an organization to reach than the world " more serious " , the person of 33.5% feels " about the same " .

"The world cup 1998, I am to see a ball in the evening, by day kickball; The world cup 2002, I see a ball only not kickball; This year this, I stay up late to be boiled did not move, carrying only watched a few games. " Henan reader Li Dake says in the incoming letter.

This second findings makes clear, of 74.6% suffer the person that visit to express, study or actuating pressure are the main reason that affects health greatly too.
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