Duty field pop chart of profession of 10 big lone good-paying
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Good-paying, social class makes a person contest bows -- fine tens of big lone professions you are understandable be lovelorn to be engaged in these professions be being brought about the most easily, understandable also to be lovelorn the personage suits these professions most. Anyhow, the good-paying that working place brings, social class makes contest of countless single men and womens bows.

1, advisory company

Single reason: The day of aboard compares the ground on many, do not know where to will be tomorrow today.

Viatic box lies forever prepare for war condition.

2, accountant office

Single reason: Female much maler little, overtime job is common occurrence.

3, public relations, ad firm

Single reason: Know a lot of people, but what turn working relationship to concern for the lover is very few.

4, attorney office

Single reason: The index of romance of rigorous all along that the lawyer requires because of professional place is sentenced very low, female lawyer more make a man awe-stricken a few minutes.

5, take outfit stylist

Single reason: Good dress stylist lies forever " beg new " condition, maintain long enthusiasm to old relation hard.

6, makeup girl, modelling division, cameraman

Single reason: The place that the woman forms a pile, change clothes the belle before their face greatly, as time passes does not have a feeling. The man that the woman dislikes this trade again too female gas, osculatory belle is too much have risk.

7, website

Single reason: The staff member is very young, the girl does not look to go up with age schoolboy.

8, reporter, editor

Single reason: The thing that flatter oneself contacts is much, narcissism, great-hearted, patient degree small.

9, act art round

Single reason: Emotional life is too rich, beside alluring and too much. Too much choice, do not know how to start. Went out to should keep of the name lone painstakingly, it is for audience support rate.

10, athlete

Single reason: With the group with divisional sexual distinction, often close training, circle is too small.