Low-key business circles cacique: Of Zhu 镕ji child Zhu Yun comes
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Low-key business circles cacique: Of Zhu 镕ji child bright red cloud comes

1957, the son Zhu Yun that Zhu 镕ji and fatigue install will in Hunan Changsha be born.

1994, commerce changes direction after Zhu Yun will obtain doctor's degree of college of American power Si Kangxin, in An Daxin the Chicago branch of accountant office holds the post of accountant.

Arrived 1996 1998, the first Bostonian company holds the position of his Swiss credit in new York employee of an investment bank, began to invest the career of banker.

Zhu Yun comes to be ex-premier Zhu 镕ji child, was graduated from university of American power Si Kangxin 1994, long read atmosphere science to currently hold the post ofpresident of limited company of China International banking. Last year in July, the United States " fortune " the magazine is chosen " the Asia has force most 25 business circles cacique " , on his a list of names posted up famous, rank the 15th. Reject to accept cover action quite low-key.

A few years ago, chinese petrifaction opened a bender, celebrate appear on the market be related, on bender most those who fix eyes upon is a dress however the man of common, medium figure -- Zhu Yun comes, facing the reporter's ceaseless query, zhu Yun will be anounced entirely silent, whether to surname even him himself Zhu Ye to be not told, full to reporter query say sth definitive so as to prevent further discussion, be in later in below rescue sb from a siege of square tempest of silver-colored international CEO, he just be able to extricate oneself.

Zhu 镕ji took up the post of premier hind 1998, once called together children designedly rise make allocution, carelessness is to say: "Father became a prime minister nowadays, it is blessing to knowing for you it is disaster, you should conduct well. " add Premier Zhu not Zhongyi children from business or job going abroad, zhu Yun will be opposite medium " silent " it is excusable to answer.

1998, zhu Yun comes in limited company of China International banking (abbreviation " in gold " ) Hong Kong office work. Before long his work in the same placing arrive with respect to experience individual style of Xiaozhu, for instance, he likes to study a report lengthy and tediously. Have a year, the Chinese state-owned company that Home Jin Xiangyi has 70 subsidiary in is offerred seek advice, zhu Yun will submit the report of 500 pages.

Zhu Yun comes English name is Levin, this year 48 years old, still have not marry when 44 years old, smoke does not leave a hand, like to wear white shirt and blue business suit, very simple. The low-key job habit that Zhu Yun comes to also is mirrorred on his appearance, his work in the same placing change of each business suit is walked on, small Zhu Ze is holding cigar, wearing informal dress, resemble a retiree.

Bright red Yun Laifei often hates the influence deal that uses father. He all the time very sedulous the attention that avoids the outside, become for example subordinate is occupied see about, he can be in about commonly after coming off work, perhaps be beyond the office meet. His office is very simple also, without the photograph with his father. Be in in in the 5 anniversary journal that gold rolls out, zhu Yun comes also is the high level that gives a picture exclusively without print.
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