Female undergraduate height applies for a job 1.38 meters for many times to meet
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Daughter undergraduate height applies for a job 1.38 meters for many times to meet with refus
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Story introduction

Feng Lu, institute of Chongqing science and technology runs an institute 2003 class student, graduate this year, those who learn is money the conference is professional. Because congenital rachis side is curved, feng Lu of 22 years old is put on smooth have 1.38 meters only with the shoe. Height became her to apply for a job hard of exceed " doorsill " .

From last year in October up to now, the professional and outstanding, excellent, college this year's graduates that has letter of numerous bear the palm still cannot find this success the job.

Besides oneself effort, feng Lu's classmate, teacher, school is led, be in community to help her apply for a job in try every means about chief even.

Feng Lu did not think of to seek a job unexpectedly so hard. But to live, she expresses, will continue hard.

The reporter follows she applies for a job

Meet with refuse

Yesterday in the morning, market of region of dam of level ground of sand of couplet flower talent

Yesterday morning 9 when 27 minutes, the station surpasses rich square to lead to the elevator of market of region of dam of sanded level ground of couplet flower talent to go up in area of dam of sanded level ground, as the target approach ceaselessly, feng Lu feels disturbed even more.

She tells a reporter, although had been used to the eye with peculiar people, also experience the awkwardness that unit of the project that be used rejects for many times, face spot of invite applications for a job to be like the competitor of the cloud and personnel of captious invite applications for a job, she from beginning to end cannot brandish goes inner panic.

The invite applications for a job in limited company of a food before hesitant a long time, mouth of acerbity acerbity ground enquires Feng Lu: "Teacher, do you still need money meeting personnel? "

After still having an opportunity certainly, feng Lu makes calm land by force from all over the face " write " the invite applications for a job with open-eyed move member application form of to apply for a job has been received in the hand. Discharged cue to wait more than 10 minutes, feng Lu when chat opportunity, give the book of offer one's services that go up to her, the other side breaks up to did not break up to be returned repeatedly, the person that apply for the to apply for a job of same post also has 3-5 the least minute chat time, dan Fenglu is not in by the other side with " expect an announcement " excuse oneself from.

Before company of equipment of Electromechanical of fiscal of cost of a need, see Feng Lu's build, female invite applications for a job member cannot help unexpectedly face of attack by surprise and laugh. Have not sees table of to apply for a job, she with " the staff that needs to have experience " for be about to let Feng Lu shrink back from difficulties, after getting its have the answer of exercitation experience, this invite applications for a job member persuade Feng Lu to seek a profession additionally too far with workplace again.
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