Course of study of Japanese male public relations is extensive suffer a female t
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Course of study of Japanese male public relations is extensive get a woman the welcome is developing flourishingly

All pass rigorous training, savour tender bearing to be city female to offer with grace " mental solace "

Nightclub of male public relations is in in the past in a few years, be in the brim region of Japanese night life actually, but transform as the times, what the male public relations that changes his appearance nowadays has made Japanese night life is new bestow favor on, and TV of their have the aid of and Internet blot out the sky and cover up the earth the conduct propaganda of type, this kind ambiguous profession rises mesa at a draught, and the profession that still becomes many males to love, because month of well-done male public relations enters hundred thousands of yuan of RMB,also be commonplace, become one of professions with Japanese the most popular male. Notice even Japanese TV station this kind of upsurge, film technically for subject matter with male public relations teleplay. And on the other hand, OK also and clairvoyant a present Japanese female is more and more independent, economic capability is stronger and stronger, but be spiritually barren, what cause this kind of trade thereby is flourishing.

In people memory, after Japanese man issued a class, like to flow even debauchery night inn, be in Japan now nevertheless, this is not male patent any more. In recent years the male public relations with be current of Tokyo red-light district is charming and integrated quite high quality, the goal is main it is those income tall, the lone profession female with forthright skill. These loneliness fragrant heart can cast 10 thousand gold buy brief love, male public relations people relaxed month enters hundred thousands of yuan, just come over with past configuration just, become female buy male sell, reflective Japan female casts off the past gradually the sort of by the condition of marital severity check.

Must pass train strictly

The male public relations that mixes the advanced club that slash Japan lodges for the night newly nowadays people, with the past " cowboy " differ somewhat, not be pure only offer a gender to serve, instead the male public relations that nocturnal inn boss disapproves of at hand betrays hue, a nocturnal inn boss that does not wish to disclose a full name says: "If the male public relations of my at hand is fooled femaly the guest is glad, female guest makes an appointment with him to go out, what do they do I am in charge of of course, it is I do not encourage they and guest to produce an impact only, because so male public relations loses appeal very easily, headstream making a settle or live in a strange place is broken, affect the business instead. "

And the male public relations that metropolis adversary leaves the employer of advanced club is severe add training, not only should show consideration for softly, know romantic way very much even, small to give towel, give smoke, arrive greatly chatting content, very exquisite, and savour cannot too low, because come,female guest of consumption belongs to good-paying estate, go up personally apparel notting have is not famous brand, need to know the result that shares name tagvisiting card with female guest more, a thing that what can see female guest is used is what brand is basic skill force, can talking about famous brand classics with the guest is one of way that win favor more.
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