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Zhang Mao walks on new hair to change appoint dig undergraduate white-collar post mainly

Author: Guo Jin Hui

Although arrive by May, countrywide town implementation increases obtain employment newly 5.04 million person, target of job of the annual that finish (9 million person) 56% , this number already had than the 2.52 million person by March grow considerably, but the management department release what is held that this can not let a government is angry.

National hair changes appoint the website was announced yesterday hold the post of vice director Zhang Mao newly to be in last month 12 provinces of 23 days of whole nations (city, area) obtain employment again the speech on informal discussion of obtain employment job.

Huang Ju of Vice Prime Minister of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council make important written instructions, foundation of requirement various places, concerned branch is current situation, sum up experience further, implement policy, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, defeat solution ceaselessly again difficult problem of obtain employment job, obtain employment again obtain employment job is done weller. The State Consul held secretary-general of the State Council concurrently to Hua Jianmin attends the meeting and make important speech.

Zhang Mao thinks, our country in the near future obtain employment situation is judged still not hopeful, outstanding performance is, whole " 915 " period, labor supply pressure is increased further, again obtain employment working face is facing new job, the personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty of system shunt bequeath again obtain employment problem and recombine change make, shut go bankrupt company worker finds a place for the problem needs to clutch solve; In the meantime, college graduate gross expands to change obtain employment job with rural labor arduous coexist.

"915 " the program made 5 years of 45 million target that increases obtain employment newly, zhang Mao expresses, this is a very formidable task. Labor and Zhang Xiaojian of undersecretary of social security ministry also think, henceforth 3 arrive 5 years, obtain employment pressure of China will special concentration, "Inside quite long period, develop more obtain employment post, innovation more obtain employment opportunities are the chief problem that we should solve. "

Zhang Xiaojian expresses, current China basically solves obtain employment problem through 4 channel: It is seek oneself by laborer profession and do poineering work independently; 2 be induct obtain employment by the enterprise; 3 it is by the government development commonweal post is found a place for obtain employment; 4 be by state-owned large and medium-sized the enterprise is passed advocate complementary depart billabong finds a place for personnel of have more than needed. China's vigorous obtain employment policy basically is around these 4 channel, undertake give aid to accordingly and be assistanced to different obtain employment object.
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