4 conte change you " duty field life "
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 1. misunderstanding:
One's early years is in American Alaska place, have a pair of youth marriage, marriage after is borne, his wife dies because of difficult labor, involuntary discharge of urine leaves one child.
He is busy the life, busy at special, see the child because of helping without the person, train a dog, that dog is clever and obedient, can take care of a child, bite write feeder to nurse the child to drink, raise the child.
One day, host goes out, call it to take care of the child.
He arrived other country, because encounter heavy snow, cannot come back that day. Just hurried back the following day, the dog hears sound to come out to meet host instantly. He opens the door to look, it is blood everywhere, look up to look, blood also is on the bed, the child disappeared, the dog is beside, glibly also is blood, host discovers this kind of case, think dog sex breaks out, ate off the child, under bate, take a knife to be broken off, killed the dog.
after, hear the child's voice suddenly, see he falls from the bed again climbed, at it is to adopt a child; Although there is blood on the body, but did not get hurt.
He is very strange, knowing is after all how one and the same, see dog body again, the flesh on the leg was done not have, there is a wolf on the side, the flesh that writes a dog still is bitten in the mouth; The dog saved small host, however by master manslaughter, this is the misunderstanding with the most admirable the world really.
Note: Misapprehensive thing, it is the person often is in not understanding, unjustifiable wisdom, without patience, lack think, fail to make allowances for the other side with all possible means, him introspection, feeling is produced under very actuation circumstance.
Misunderstand at the beginning, think of the 10 thousand faults of 1000 faults of the other side only all the time namely; Accordingly, can make misunderstanding jumps over defect deeper, get the degree of irremediable, the person produces misunderstanding to ignorant animal doggie, even can have if this is terrible serious consequence, the misunderstanding between such people and person, criterion its consequence is to be envisaged hard more.
  2. Nail:
Have a boy write very bad disposition, gave him a bag of nail at the father that is him; And tell him, a nail is nailed to be on the paling of backyard when he gets angry every time.
The first day, this boy hammer issued 37 nail. Nailed the amount below to decrease everyday slowly.
He discovers the disposition that controls his wants to issue those nail to come some more easily than the hammer.
Eventually this boy also won't lose Wu Youyi day to get angry patientlily in disorder again, he tells his father this thing, father tells him, begin now every time when he can control his disposition, pull out a nail.
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