First-class talent is not the person of the tower of ivory
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"Middle school exam needs be among the best of candidates, go to an university, it is OK to should study medium result only, do not need to spend a large number of time to be on the homework. China's first-class talent is medium talent. " on December 10, hold in Beijing " forum of current situation of Chinese graduate obtain employment -- superfluous with rare be short of " on, beijing investigated Yue Ciyan of company president Yuan at 0 o'clock, full-court all Jing: "Is study result good became bad thing instead? "

Face doubt, explanation of Yuan high mountain says: "Do poineering work, the key of innovation depends on understanding social requirement. Want the person in the obtain employment in the society, must spend more time to understand a society to need. " he hits an example to say, socially the demand of the lorry is very big, but the truck that sells well is not former outfit, pass however after changing one's costume or dress, those who accord with specific carriage requirement " change one's costume or dress car " . Talent market also is such. The undergraduate is learning textbook knowledge, understand social requirement even actively, oneself " change one's costume or dress " become those who accord with social requirement " talent " , is not to be waited for all the year round in the tower of ivory, for mechanical memorizing of exam, credit.

So, how does ability do a talented person that accords with social need? Mai Ken stannum and other and large transnational corporation do not have one exception, the person that put eye in to apply for a job in resume " social activity " part. Yuan Yue Ye advocates an undergraduate to walk along a society actively energetically, learn in the society, it is analogy of its figure ground " change one's costume or dress " standard lorry. "Actual society is such clever, we should share social work more, learn clever knowledge. " for this, he raises an actual pattern that participates in a society technically still:

The first, change association orientaton, interact with difference course crowd more. "Most abstain from learn law learn law only, learn management interact with the person that learns management " . Yuan Yue says, a person can have some kind of professional temperament, but cannot mere bureau be confined to this major, have innovation place unlikelily otherwise. "Because innovation ability comes from at breaking the limit of original knowledge structure, draw lessons from each other, reset. " once enter a new field, original knowledge by prize, activation, produce new inspiration and innovation drop easily.

The 2nd, he returns a view to enlarge mobile radius, break through somewhat in professional limits not only, walk out of a school gate even, go understand and surveying the world to farther place. "The person shows bad sex easily in a familiar environment, and in a new environment, show an advantage easily. " his citing says, if a person is in the home, general meeting apparel is casual; If the guest comes, need spruce, leave good impression to the guest. "If want the star outside launching you to go, that you more want fully armed, spirit enlivens, cannot lose face to earthly person? " Yuan Yue says humorously.
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