Duty field person asks vigilance " 29 years old of phenomena "
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Everybody knows " 59 years old of phenomena " -- when the manager age of a lot of state-owend enterprises is close to 60 years old, change past diligent and conscientious, economical instinctive quality, because the lid is in manager of 60 years old of state-owend enterprises is legal and retired before the age, unbalance of their state of mind; And " 29 years old of phenomena " little-known however, but in China " 29 years old of phenomena " than " 59 years old of phenomena " get generally much.

What is " 29 years old of phenomena " ?

I am in old education, use youth discovers in the undergraduate's process especially: Many employee are when many years old 20, study job has intense emotion, on the job diligent diligent cultivate cultivate, dependable, the life has art, have interest, but arrived 29 years old or so, ordinarily should more mature more valuable ability is right, but instead the mood is fluctuant big, job is blundering eager for quick success and instant benefit. Performance is looking attention of book, study to be not centered, the interest to outside thing ignore tall ignore low, the working target of set or too high to reach or forgo pursuit, beyond the mark to subordinate or requirement or laissez-faire, impatient to relatives and friends, often blame complaint to superior especially to the group, it is beyond the mark to treat criticism to suggest to often react even without endurance intense, like a tiger whose backside no one dares to touch, often compare the past, go in for pomp admire is peacockish, the classmate friend be ashamed that goes to oneself at mentioning present position or income, the person that the heart often handsomes the handsome of oneself and understanding does highbrow comparison, after comparing often banish of have a sense of inferiority, full of remorse, ego, serious person be immersed in spend depressed disease again. The life does not have appeal, job inefficient, often be anxious action disables feebly however in the heart, resemble the emergency that often encounters in people dream: Want to run do not stride a leg, to move be not moved, want to say piece do not open the mouth, human relation is not chill it is nervous.

Go 30 years old after this bank, this kind of person has two kinds of final result, hopeful a kind before, gentle, adjust all normalization through seasonable effort. But have very big one part person struggles make a stand against does not pass, at this point a pair of inactive coma, all things all rests, the posture that dead pig is not afraid of boiled water is hot.

What reason is this? When I notice this kind of state happens in 30 years old or so more, look for them to analyse a reason, they also already were not very clear oneself, but often hear this kind of person to bemoan: "Fast 30 years old, became the home to did not establish line of business, when to stand to rise? When can I resemble you same? When can I resemble you same??

30 had not established line of business! Touch to me very big, remember me 30 when controlling, although do not have apparent afore-mentioned symptoms, but also because of result did not become famous not, unbalance angst good, use in time fortunately " placatory therapeutics of A Q spirit " adjust came over, it is " 30 and stand " this archaism killed everybody!
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