The profession that how lets you is blank period no longer awkward
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Compete intensely because of obtain employment market when you and be servantchoosed a person for a job for a time the unit is desolate perhaps be full of passionate ground to devote into at poineering upsurge, end with unsuccessful ending however, face this paragraph of resume to go up " awkward period " , whether can you feel extremely awkward, hard open one's mouth?

Enter working station already when the classmate, you are clinging however grind at taking an examination of, more defeat heals brave, finally however fail in a competitive examination or midway abandon turning and to apply for a job, when facing unit of choose and employ persons to graduation is without working experience however and show the view of doubt already because of you, whether do you have kind of regret to ought not to be become the feeling first?

When you have one's bosom filled with prepares enthusiasticly to go abroad, be full of hope ground to want to go strange all previous drills, fail from beginning to end however wish, when trying an official to experience the query of time without the job to this paragraph face-to-face, whether you are how be hard to convey better?


Professional program division thinks, afore-mentioned a variety of, case is OK the person that end is to apply for a job to the profession the passivity of blank period and without arrange. How to face a profession the adverse effect that blank period brings to professional career, perplexing more and more duty field public figures.

Case 1:

Never such awkwardness

Fan Zhe (alias) professional handler

Arrive as a child big, in every respect Fan Zhe is the person that be the same as the outstanding in age person all the time, all the time very successful. After the university graduates, as a result of remarkable course success and outstanding professional technical ability, he becomes a fellow student very quickly in find one of a few a few people with the job, best pay the earliest. Later go up a few years in working station he also is feel just like a fish in water, get appreciation of colleague admire, boss greatly, and become one of people of little famous energy of life inside course of study very quickly.

The development platform with begin to the company suggests and hunt head introduces Fan Zhe to go better in succession, just began him to laugh, until he admires long already business in the heart to enter the line of vision. Fan Zhe is enchanted, according to bilateral and oral agreement, a month left duty to come to Shanghai from northern company this new city. However, unexpected thing happened, because human affairs is fluctuant, former the company controller that great kindness invites Fan Zhe to join in left this company, fan Zhe also suffers this embroil, post is abrupt fell empty. Think formerly wait for human affairs to adjust what after was being stabilized, can get comparative satisfaction to solve, fan Zhe is awaiting patiently all the time, however, this is first-class it is 4 months, the circumstance does not have any improvement. Await not within the foreseeable future, fan Zhe begins to seek his new position in this city. He thinks this process will be more successful, when receiving the first interview to inform confidence is full of, but, should see interview personnel comes Shanghai to Fan Zhe already when the look of the suspicion that the explanation that time of near 5 months has done not have the job to experience however shows, fan Zhe knows he encountered very a Gordian knot. Later all be a few such, receive interview announcement smoothly, explaining this however " vacuum " the ship crossed on 5 months time.
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