Graduate profession fixed position wants a few elements of the consideration
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Learn for years, eventually when a day that when move toward a society, need assumes a responsibility that regards a society as the person. But a problem that a lot of students often face when graduation applies for a job is: Oneself go up big one when, without the major that can learn oneself to like, or after learning through professional class of a few years, him discovery chooses the major of choose at the outset and do not suit oneself, be faced with graduation to apply for a job immediately now, oneself do not know the work that is speak or sing alternately of this first consideration major, still choose afresh, choose a job that suits oneself?

When additionally still a lot of student graduation apply for a job, the circumstance that often appears is: The job and major consider to be opposite only when applying for a job incorrect mouth, whether do the major that learns as to oneself and the job that should pursue suit him after all, never consider; Perhaps do not divide an enterprise not to divide an industry not to divide the work, send resume of to apply for a job blindly; Perhaps be in the intent of to apply for a job of resume of to apply for a job one column, writing manager of technology, sale, branch to wait learn much duty to plant, neither one is clear and the target of core, and the fixed position that to oneself neither one makes clear; Also some classmates fall in obtain employment pressure, want to come up against an unit to think him employ only, no matter this industry and this job are,suit oneself, signed obtain employment agreement rapidly, and likelihood signed 35 years.

Of course, make much time, by force of obtain employment pressure, a variety of practices of above are understandable also. But at the same time we should see, a variety of practices contain above certain blindness, not very comprehensive and the obtain employment problem that the station considers us in a long-term point of view. If we did not have course labor to undertake choosing blindly before apply for a job, so after 35 years, we discover we still are facing the dilemma of the choice probably: That continues to do present work namely, oneself feel this job suits him not quite, feel very depressing or it is painful to work each days even, worked a few years to also did not make too great success; If abdication chooses other industry or profession afresh, mean setting of a few professional knowledge that abandon be being accumulated now, industry and human relation so probably, must pay extremely tall " opportunity cost " .

And actually, the practice that we compare scientific reason when choose course of study is: Beginning to apply for a job previously, should undertake comprehensive understanding and labor to the circumstance of the outside and oneself above all, then preliminary and affirmatory his profession locates and develop way, it is next in the process that apply for a job go conciously searching.

Tell from the angle of the outside, basically be environment of current integral obtain employment and obtain employment trend, the current situation of all trades and professions reachs development foreground, the chance of a few obtain employment that oneself face, and the element such as oneself domestic environment;
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