The duty field opportunity that leap forward cannot waste 30 years old
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The time that why arrives 30 years old from 20 years old, just can jump 2 class, but a lot of people accumulate body home at a draught to 40 years old in 30 years old however, rise into multiple. Because of 30 years old very important!

30 years old, the period that physiology cycle of the person, professional career cycle and domestic lifecycle overlap completely, the best time in life. 30 years old are the combine person of new job, it is efficient settlement person, it is the fantast in the action. Want to seize an opportunity? Want to was mixed 2007 in yours does the generation of general part company thoroughly? Want to a few a few places of pyramid top take with acceleration?

Rapidly leap forward is 30 years old! (foreword) 30 years old when, life begins to show an a few interesting scenes. For instance: If before love to laugh all the time, so be born by the heart, he should have had the face that Zhang Shu exhibits. If be all the time on the profession deep ploughing, so he just should turn a branch into the director. If be good at conduct financial transactions, should have the first pail of fund that supports he and companion to do poineering work. Quantitative change, be in 30 years old suddenly when, accumulate qualitative leap. No matter be the T-shirt or business suit, the football still is golf, lone married still, still be strong blandly, the person that what appellation fits 30 years old, he resembles a child in wide dress, be brought up slowly, the dress discovers between one night already docile ground is added on the body, a bit is not poor. 30 years old, the best days in life and the greatest transition send strange place along with all the others. Leap forward is 30 years old, hold oneself...

  Unripe meet 30 good time

The period that 30 years old of or so physiology cycle that are a person, professional career cycle and domestic lifecycle overlap completely.

On physiology cycle, 30 years old are business of physical ability, intelligence quotient, affection 3 person average apogee.

On domestic lifecycle, they had the deposit that can control freely likely; Without children, parental age is controlled in 55 years old probably, these won't partake 30 years old the person's energy; But because produced the desire of constituent family, began to have sense of responsibility and social mission feeling so; Had live alone, join the experience of social group, job, the marriage funeral espouse in life each are big the scene also has happened beside them, more comprehensive ground experienced life, had more mature and open-minded intelligence.

On professional career cycle, 30 years old had mastered basic working technical ability, had the working experience in different environment, industry, can be united in wedlock rise to have just and objective opinion to his ability; Immerse oneself in from what lean time and physical power hardworking transform to the Smart Work that relies on experience and efficiency; Realise real power, but can't be gotten to lose ideal by go through the mill again; Just rise for primary person in charge, turn primary managing into decision-making personnel from the executant of routine; Anyhow, they gain most attention with Xin Lijun attitude, become new successor to develop a target, rise quickly at the profession the start of period.
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