How to avoid duty field " 7 years urticant "
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The Song Dynasty had become 7 years of young editors in the TV station slightly, in 7 years, soon at the outset the colleague finds new job find new job, go abroad go abroad, change is very big, have oneself only, defending the work like this plot of land for personal needs, this year have been the 7th year. Social class is good, income is good also, these are the reasons that she did not change up to now. But those who make her dejected is, always so the way that making up those who make up hair hair is not a development it seems that. The leader of the TV station is outside airborne come over, how should oneself do next?

"Why does my career seem to develop in the end? " almost each professional person that works can encounter this problem, perplex. What be like marriage is urticant, duty field has likewise " 7 years urticant " . According to adviser of Ke Rui profession but door example investigation shows: Striding duty field the 7th year is the articulatory dot that marchs toward a high level by middle-level, it is professional person appears the most likely at this moment career " bottleneck " accession. In the white-collar of this one phase, had had relatively deep operation experience, in this unit had been particular significance went up " old person " , individual career had fixed rate establish, but next how did evolution appear however a blind lane. How " 7 years urticant " become " 7 years very quickly " , it is their urgent affairs!

The research analysis that adviser of Ke Rui profession plans to professional career makes clear: 7 years, a be development of a kind of profession " platform period " , the professional career of person of a profession differentiates roughly to grow, exploration, innovation, maintain and decline develops level 5 times, and " of duty field urticant " appear in the profession to explore level. This moment, you need to develop direction to make a new program to the profession. Before planning afresh, might as well ask oneself a few questions first:

   NO.1 is your disposition idiosyncratic with is at present trade office planted agree degree tall?

You become the possibility this position has had some of long time, also had a few success, but does this post suit you really? If worked 7 years late the reason that encounters bottleneck now is this job actually do not suit oneself, this job is right perhaps you as marrying 7 years wife, although those did not have feeling already here, can say to part company it is not easy also to part company.

Cast off original marriage, a kind of lifestyle that oneself already were used to, this needs courage. Have to take out so some " recall a painful experience, painful how about " lofty quality comes, begin the career that belongs to oneself afresh. For instance those suit inherently to become a boss and not be the person that becomes a young worker. Of course, the premise that begins afresh is sufficient natural resources is had in the hand, include resource of person arteries and veins, government natural resources and fund.
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