Professional program design is very important end of the year
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Professional program is thorough already popular feeling, become a kind of new business chance.

The end of the year is close already, a lot of people begin to undertake for oneself the profession of next year develops a program. Professional adviser reminds, no matter be the student that just gave a school gate, on-the-job still field goes all out kill old " old " person, in new one year works be about to in the begining, need what formulate makes clear, practical program.

1. How formulate program

Development of duty field person plans to design

One, analytic part tries to locate.

The executive plan that formulate makes clear, want to give oneself clearly fixed position above all. Must want clearly what to do according to planning you; Should know oneself professional environment clearly, oneself will have opportunity of what kind of development; Coming no matter is obtain employment perhaps does poineering work, the prospective obligate that needs to be oneself develops a space.

Reflect individual value to want to make clear individual value above all. Want to be clear that oneself want what to do after all, what can do. All duty field go-between answer ask oneself: What is my fixed position, what does core competition ability have, how many does social status have? These professional big environments that can depend on oneself will do evaluate, measure and decide oneself the compensation value inside this industry domain. Generally speaking, measure individual value on one hand the market competition ability according to oneself, it is market demand on the other hand. The main essential factor that makes competition ability is individual quality (include: Knowledge, experience, skill, experience and solve the problem, ability that handles human relation) , discretion of working performance, position, famous degree etc.

2, the characteristic according to oneself and actual condition, him establish professional career goal.

Expert of some famous profession program says, to duty field go-between, the job has successional the cent with level sex. A lot of people won't are opposite in transferring every year oneself professional development has sober and detailed program to plan as a whole. When formulate plans, answer to begin from professional development foreground and professional environment. Whether to plan to change oneself professional environment? Whether to plan to improve oneself position? The compensation that whether plans him growth waits a problem a moment to should bring into his consideration limits, make detailed index.

3, decompose a target in detail, formulate exercisable is short-term target and corresponding education or groom plan.

As a child the possibility that the employee becomes a manager very quickly is real very little, so the sex of a flight of stairs that formulate can realize stage by stage can handle an end, it is personage of every duty field's most practical professional program program undoubtedly. Pressing a quarter to undertake time differentiates is the way with operation most easy sex. Want to notice at the same time, formulate refines the target is advisability to lift, but if the target is too finely, go against the successful operation that professional foreground expands however. Go up because of unpredictable element and other job field by branch trivial feast throws into confusion oneself development plan.
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