Has the woman after 35 years old thought an outlet?
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This problem, still be a problem really. After 35 years old, do we hit card so step-by-steply still to go to work? Arrive on when? 40 years old? Be still 45 years old?

If we are national people, sure -- hold in both hands went up iron rice bowl-a secure job, do not serve all one's life for the country for be dead set namely? Be to retire later free from restraint get pension to enjoy cure to protect? Can you be us these advanced white-collars that work everywhere? Do how?

Young moment is moon a group of things with common features, became slave of room slave car early, 25 years old of loan buy a house, if do not have the ill-gotten wealth that send a pen unfortunately all the time,cannot shift to an earlier date reimbursement, borrow money 25 years, still borrow so that still arrive 50 years old, that is to say, the likelihood retired to still be in repay a debt.

Can be returned it is well still to rise, in case catch up with " senile unemployment " , the room borrows can't afford the next meal, the house was received by the bank, how a miserable word Oh ah!

Young when do not know marriage, looked for an individual to marry, husband also is not national person however, then work to the young worker younger sister must face 45 years old of the following lives jointly, do not have the money of provide for the aged with quite enough save money, how to do?

The key is, can the company become you do you go to continue to employ like treasure emeritus age? If your husband skill is general, 44 years old are papered cutter, what can you still find to work? If is age again some older? Does to the company value evening shift see an entrance door? Monthly pay 8000 become 1500, can you bear?

As more close together as feminine relation problem -- 30 came forward, must want a child, at that time, continue to work or come home look after children? The old person is being helped see the child not bad, be oneself rush about back and forth! Look without the person? Did not work, take good care of the child, a lot of sisters also are such choices, if of husband earn money capability is quite strong, come home 3 years pretty good also.

But, if you were delivered of the child 33 years old? -- 36 years old miss the work, can you return a company smoothly to go to work? Look for a job to earn portion wage casually, can be you balanced in your heart? That did not work with respect to make use of condition! Do 33 years old begin to do housewife -- your disposition can is the calm accepted?

Said again, is your husband true can does a person support whole family? The child went to school, a good deal of choose school is cost, commitment fee, tuitional, earn come over?

Female now people gathers how the problem that loves to discuss most makes money namely, if make an investigation, the dream of most woman, can open an inn to become a proprietress namely. Cafes -- freedom of carefree, time, have sudden huge profits; Clothing store -- interest makes like that, can reflect oneself aesthetic grade; Household act the role ofing tastes inn -- look at one caboodle beautiful thing is becoming aware find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind; Restaurant -- come buck is quick ah!
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