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On December 3, invite applications for a job of special performance of person with ability of Shanghai culture industry can be in Shanghai to exhibit a center to hold 2007, the person that 400 many post draw nearly 10 thousand to apply for a job. But, let numerous those who risking disappointment of the person that cold wind goes entering the to apply for a job that invite applications for a job meets is, news collects the post that edit not much. The Wang Zhonghui that comes from Nanjing tells a reporter: "Of one mind wants to enter news unit enter me, but turned in the spot after circuit, the heart became cool half -- news collects the post that edit honest too little. " face collect edit post not much this be related is solid, do those dreams enter news media, become " the king that does not have crown " to apply for a job person what kind of path should choose? The undergraduate of one's previous experience of major of news, Chinese, and the personnel that has fun at to news writing, how can you just finish the strong point that develops oneself in the premise that does not change his profession? The reporter been runninging after a few invite applications for a job are met, feel to have 4 " additional kind of outlet " can offer an alternative --

  The network edits

According to concerning sectional estimation, our country has a network to edit from personnel of course of study nearly 3 million person, and traditional news from personnel of course of study just 750 thousand person, network media has exceeded traditional media from dimensions and amount from personnel of course of study. 2005, labor and social security department are public the 3rd batch when show in 10 kinds of new occupations, "The member that the network edits " rank among them. In get the country is approbated while, network editor also makes the popular handsome appearance on the market. "New to the network now well-known figure the demand of ability is all-time. " Yan Liang of the official on controller of network of medium person of outstanding ability expresses, at present a lot of websites are making public action person, this field qualified personnel " one person is begged hard " , between the website mutual " dig a person " the circumstance happens from time to tome.

As the computer gain ground change and the doorsill of network technology is lower and lower, diversity of incline to of structure of website manpower resource, have computer professional already, also have the professional staff such as news, Chinese, law, finance and economics, history, foreign language. Lei of gold of inspector general of department of TOM website career points out, before, website editor is mostly by technical personnel, wait for billabong to come out like design of article of website administrator, graph, lack uniform professional standard and standard. But, after developing certain level when Internet, staff of major network news acts as by technical personnel no longer, it needs more to have proper relevant and professional setting or the person from already check to be engaged in. And, editorial pay does not compare the network traditional media is poor, according to the report, "Editorial yearly salary is in network of website of 3 big doors on average 60 thousand yuan or so, but labor intensity is far also outclass is other website. " of course, editorial income level is not the network very tall, specific also can get of the element such as strategy of talent of the gain level of the consequence of the website, website, website restrict.
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