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Walk along means of vocation of good the end of the year to lie groove is actual

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Drawing near of the end of the year, of duty field " smoke of gunpowder " gradually far medicinal powder. Somebody is passed " Jin Jiuyin 10 " east run quickly enter on the west, changed employ announcement eventually, and some people still stand fast oneself post, sit firmly Diaoyutai, if where,planning in the heart be sure of success of the end of the year, actually, the end of the year lies groove is actual. Because such, you besides the material benefit that can obtain bonus, promotion or raises, more important is to use what these quantify to evaluate regard your profession career as ceaseless developing direction indicator.


In " jump " with " lie " between

John of 28 years old, graduation hind holds the position of art editor in some culture company all the time. The near future, as a result of its human affairs of company high level changes, in-house personnel also undertook more large-scale " change blood " , originally stable John becomes for a short while be at a loss.

This year in October, john also walked into talent market, preparation searchs a new a bed of down for oneself. However, in the course that seeks new boss, john is encountered on

How should do after all? Go with stay between, john wanders from beginning to end errant, make make a decision hard. But if continue so procrastinate go down, missed probably " Jin Jiuyin 10 " find new job gold period, to the end of the year, good place was occupied by others, want to look for a good boss again but difficult.


The end of the year lies 3 big reason of groove

Find new job it may not be a bad idea, lie groove, the form of its itself and purpose do not have the cent of dispute, of stand or fall not, the professional career that its purpose is him hope can more a step.

Just, the target when some people find new job is not very clear, where fund beats toward where more, noise of which company name is entered toward where, they fly like a flock of migrant Dong Fei on the west, cannot become lanneret forever; And some people are to lie groove, with a view to is managed now, every got the material benefit of rich and generous bonus not only to the end of the year, and always the good outstanding achievement with oneself, get litre of duty or raises, as time passes, became feather plump " hill carve " .

The advisory practice summary with extended band of professional program division gives those the end of the year to lie the 3 big reason of chamfer of factitious He Wo:

1, close already the end of the year, immediately in one's hand award cannot abandon for nothing end of the year.

The management outstanding achievement that most company can be in a year on basis of the end of the year, make the cent of bonus distribute program, no matter outstanding achievement how, this bonus always is a year in the most rich and generous.

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