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Design key of your profession career " before 5 years "

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Much higher fence is much deeper base, the key that the profession develops is advanced 5 years. Be aimed at the investigation discovery of successful husband, the of nearly 87.1% profession career in them presents such contrail: Before 2-4 year at basic level position, 5-6 the beginning of the year holds the post of a director, 7-9 year take up the post of manager or senior manager, 10-12 year hold the post of chief inspector or deputy always, 13-20 year sit the position of general manager.
According to the objective law that professional career develops, the author is the main task that works before you point out 5 years.
   Work the first year -- duty field is entered first, fade uses up blueness acerbity
Leave campus, how be independent professional person by student transition, this is the first job that works the first year. Regard duty field as new personality, need overcomes an individual to envisage the insecurity that the head institute of as actual as society, company condition brings, in order to get used to an enterprise weak good environment, master working regulation and program; In comply with guidance of boss, colleague and management while, obtain the self-identity of company and other. This is just like aurelian decay to be butterfly all previous is experienced, the process of heart road development that works the first year is hardships, but the result is happiness however!
   Work the 3rd year -- clear fixed position, art line of business has specialize in
The job a certain number of after year, you become independent professional person, should find in company interior make some field only the fixed position of ability. If say, the first job that college graduate chooses has its chance and blindness; The job two, after 3 years, you should can the professional target according to him reappraise of potential of ego understanding, development and direction. If be in this one phase, your him discovery does not suit present occupation or do not have interest to existing job, profession of changeover of as soon as possible is before last plan.
Yi Ting works in hill of Jiangsu elder brother, spring Festival hind comes and go often at hill of Shanghai, elder brother two ground, discuss issue of individual profession program with the author because of what she uses the job. According to Yi Ting's view, at present this job lets her sleep bad, eat bad, resemble sufferring from went up professional fear feels, fear to go to work, concern sees a boss...
After chatting with Yi Ting, the author understands: After college graduate enters a company, she the stage was made once upon a time, flounder is in charge of at human affairs of storehouse management, assistant laying a pipe, factory director assistant, administration, between the post such as the member that the client serves the careful inside director, ISO; In 3 years, the working part of changeover amounts to 7, all matters of it may be said, take care of everything oneself. Herself of no less than place character: "I feel I resemble a dishcloth, need to be wiped toward where; Once the company had appropriate person selected, I am sure behind the curtain of meeting concealed body, because they are more professional than me really, able! " visible, scared feeling comes from Yi Ting's profession at: Will 3 years did not make clear the direction that oneself specialize in, relevant work experience that should accumulate and professional knowledge from beginning to end, "East one hammer, on the west one great weight " the immediate consequence that causes was not hit good namely long-term, can develop continuously " professional foundation " .
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